Making Real Food Real Easy™

Helping Families eat Healthy from Seed to Table

The first integrated tool to help your family eat real food, real easy.

1 Meal Plan
Step 1 - Meal Plan
2 Cook
Step 2 - Cook
3 Grow
Step 3 - Grow


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Your kids hate new recipes
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Healthy foods seems too expensive
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Your family eats very little fruits & veggies
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You think you're eating too much processed & packaged food

The Healthy Kids Inc. System helps you master the three steps that will make your family fail-proof with healthy eating.

Fully customizable meal planner


MEAL PLAN - The first step in eating healthy.

The HKI System allows you to meal plan in minutes.

A years worth of recipes for your family to enjoy

Over a year's worth of recipes - family tested and budget friendly

Weekly Calendar Creation

Customizable weekly Meal-Plan Calendar using our recipes, or a mix with yours

Instant Shopping List Generation

Instant shopping lists that matches your custom meal plan

Save time with meal prepping

Save time during the week with our "meal-prep" tips

Cook along videos!


COOK - Getting you one step closer to healthy meals

We take the intimidation out of cooking. Your kids can learn skills, too!

How to cooking videos for every meal

Professional Chef's How-to Cooking video with each dinner recipe

Step by step videos for each recipe

Follow along with the videos for every step of the meal

Cooking and knife skills videos to help beginners

Cooking & Knife skills video series for beginners

Grow the foods in your meal plan


GROW - The best way to get your kids eating veggies

& save on your budget while nipping those picky eating tendencies once and for all.

Create your garden

Start your garden in containers you already have

Save Money and Grow Your Own Veggies

Save more money by growing your own veggies & herbs

Eat the vegtables you grow and taste the difference

Experience the full seed-to-table process

Get kids eating veggies

Kids are more likely to try vegetables they grow

There are so many resources out there on line but nothing pulls it together as yours. I feel on top of the world just knowing that I found your website. The best part for me is the HOW TO video. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



Step 1 - Meal Plan
Step 2 - Cook
Step 3 - Grow