Put a fresh, delicious dinner on the table every night that even the pickiest eater will love. You’re welcome, Mom.

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Healthy Meal Plan

An entire year of healthy, customizable, family-friendly meal plans.

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picky eaters e-book

Free Download – How To Overcome Your Picky Eaters In 30 Days.

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weekly prep videos

Organizational videos to make weeknight mealtimes quick and easy.

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Chef's “how to” videos

A Chef’s instructional video to accompany each recipe in the Meal Planner.

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weekly grocery list

A weekly grocery list for making healthy, family-friendly meals.

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knife skills video

Every great chef needs to know how to chop, slice, and dice.

Our Story

Healthy Kids, Inc. (“HKI”) was inspired by our own journey of children, food, and health.  For the first few years of our kids’ lives, we ate for convenience because we were too tired to cook. That’s all we knew. If we ate fruits or vegetables, they came out of a can, and we were spending a fortune on juices, frozen food, and pre-made dinners. Little did my husband and I know that our diet was actually making us sick and tired. We didn’t want our kids to grow up as by-products of processed and fast foods, and we owed it to their bodies, bones, and brains, to give them as many nutrients as possible. No longer could busy schedules get in the way. So, that’s what led us to create the Healthy Kids Inc., meal planner.

  • Person

    Healthy Kids Inc has completely changed our eating habits. Prior to this system, we found ourselves eating out a lot. Our fast food bill has nearly disappeared. I love going through the weekly meal planners, picking out our meals for the week and then cooking alongside the chef as we watch his tutorial video. This couldn’t be any easier.продвижение сайта

    — Sarah McConnaughy —
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    As the father of two young children, healthy eating has always been important to us but over time has fallen off of the priority list. This site has renewed our interest and passion for raising healthy kids.поисковую оптимизацию сайтов

    — Jason Hager —
  • Person

    My kids are eating better than ever before. This is great. Thanks so much.smm продвижение это

    — Sarah Rodgers —
  • Person

    As a busy executive, I am constantly battling time while also trying to make quick and healthy meals. The HKI system has given me the tools I need.раскрутка

    — Regina Bradley —
  • Person

    I am in the healthcare field and see firsthand the ramifications of poor eating on kids and adults. I’m thrilled to have a tool like this to provide patients that are ready to begin a healthy lifestyle change. As for our family, the Healthy Kids website has been a lifesaver. Our daughter is trying more new foods than ever before. I’m not an expert in the kitchen, but you don’t need to be. The chef tutorial videos guide you through everything from start to finish. Love this site. Thanks for your hard work.сео оптимизация цены

    — April Lawson —
  • Person

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Healthy Kids Inc! You are going to help so many families and change so many lives! My husband and I went through some of the website last night and decided right then and there we needed to re-vamp not only our kids eating habits but ours as well. We will be signing up. :)аудит сайта

    — Melissa Bentley —

Free Week Of Our Meal Planner!